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We Are Looking For EPL Fantasy Bloggers

Manchester City Football Club fans were excited like crazy last year when their club snuck up on Liverpool FC and claimed the top prize in the EPL. This year – we expect a repeat of least season and the championship race could go down to the wire, again. MUFC, LFC, CFC and MUFC are all possible champs for 2014-2015. EPL fantasy fanatics are across the globe are getting ready for the new season which will soon be upon us.  The friendlies being played in North America against MLS teams are not nearly enough to satisfy the true EPL fan.  We are looking for EPL fantasy bloggers who want to show the world that they know their stuff. Please email us @ [email protected] is you want to join our blogging team.  For all things EPL you can follow us @Getrealpremierc and @EPLFantasyPlus.

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Ann Kathrin Brommel

The Top Five Wags From The World Cup

The World Cup is now firmly behind us but the fond memories of great plays from many sides – still remain. I personally was a big fan of the performances by the Colombian and Costa Rican national teams. Now that the boys are out of the way – let’s take a look at the ladies with this countdown of the top five wags from the World Cup. Some World Cup mega stars are lucky enough to call these women their own so enjoy this clip from YouTube – guys. It kicks off at number five with Melissa Satta (Kevin Price Boateng’s main squeeze) and end’s off with Ann-Kathrin Brommel (the lady-love of World Cup hero – Mario Gotze). For all things EPL and- please remember to join us on Twitter @ Getrealpremierc and @EPLFantasyPlus.

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world Cup 2014

The 25 Most Memorable Moments from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 25 to 15.

Over 32 days there were 64 matches and 171 goals. That’s how you sum up the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but the reality is there was so much more to a tournament whose preparations were hurried and overshadowed by off-the-field concerns. In the end, we saw arguably one of the most memorable competitions of the modern era with an abundance of shocks, goals and controversies along the way.

Here is a comprehensive and sometimes sideways look back at 25 of the most memorable, and sometimes shocking, moments of the tournament and in this first part we look back at the opening night, some Russian goalkeeping and one of the goals of the tournament – if the final whistle hadn’t already blown.

25. Poster boy saves the day

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